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When I started the Twin Flame journey in 2018, I had been through many confusing relationships, two 12-step programs, several spiritual circles, a brief stint in a psych ward, lots of therapy, and many many jobs. I was at the end of my rope when a friend mentioned that he was a Twin Flames Ascension Coach, and would I like to try a session with him? I was honestly a bit skeptical, but something nudged me to try. That friend taught me the Mirror Exercise, and introduced me to the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia Divine. I was blown away by how elegant, deeply loving, and efficient the work was. Things I had wrestled with for years melted away with a combination of Twin Flames Ascension School, Life Purpose Class, regular coaching, and miraculous trauma healing- MAP. I learned how to deeply love myself, and as I did, my family relationships improved, and I gained more and more clarity with my Twin. I was so moved that I became a Certified Ascension Coach with Twin Flames Universe to be able to share this miraculous work at a deeper level. It is now my great joy to share what I have learned with you and guide you all the way to Harmonious Union with your beloved Twin Flame.


Thank you for coming along with me this far. 

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